Do you have a paper pile?

This is the kitchen table isn't it?

We’re all guilty of having a paper pile (or mountain) somewhere near the point of entry into our homes.  Mine is on my kitchen table.  That’s where things in my hand and purse come to a temporary holding place until I have the time to decide where their final destination will be.

Oh, it gets moved when company comes, gets an occasional shuffling through when I’m looking for that certain piece of paper, but usually continues to grow and grow until I don’t have a place to eat at the table!  Why do I continue to do this?  Because it’s easy, of course.

Is there a solution to the problem of too many papers?  No, we will always have papers, receipts, cards and such coming through our hands at an alarming rate, but we can tame that pile.

Every morning, or evening if you’re a night person, make a point to go through the pile and at least make sure that it is sorted into categories (school papers, receipts, things to be filed, things that need action on your part, etc.).  Once it is sorted, then it will be easier to complete the action needed to get it off of your landing spot.

More tips on taming your paper pile coming soon so stay tuned.  Have a great day!


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