Taming the Paper Pile-Tuesday’s Tip

Okay, so now you’ve decided on a resting place for all of those papers and bills that pass through you and your family’s fingers.  Now what?

Find something that will allow you to consolidate any and all paper piles into one.  I looked at Ross tonight and found a couple of possibilities.  One was a cute box that will hold 9 x 12 papers and the other was a cute little sorter that looked like a fancy handbag!  Whether you want to hide away your papers until you’re ready to deal with them, or you want to quick sort through them, go find something that will inspire you to accomplish the task. 

If you go with something like the cute little box I found, make sure you sort through your papers before you stash them inside.  Take an extra set of notebook dividers that you might have left over from purchasing school supplies, or a colored piece of construction paper, and seperate the papers into general categories:  bills paid, receipts, insurance/medical related, or whatever types of papers you see come through the most.  I have made a file folder for each of my children so I can put report cards, teacher’s notes, schedules and so forth in them.  School papers are a lot of my paper pile during the school year!

I hope I’m inspiring you to grab the tiger by the tail, and tame your paper pile(s).  Look for Wednesday’s tip.


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