Taming the Paper Pile – Wednesday’s Tip

Okay, so now we’ve consolidated all of the various paper piles you may have waiting for a final resting place.  You’ve quick sorted through them, so that any papers of importance will be on top and not forgotten.  You’ve gone to the store and found a container that will help you contain the sorted paper pile.  Great!  Now what you say?

Look at what you have for file space and how well it is set up.  Is it a functional filing system, or is it a messy file cabinet with no sense of organization hidden in the garage?  If you have a smooth functioning, logical filing system, you will be much less hesitant to put those papers in their final resting place. 

Invest in hanging file folders, manila files and maybe even a label maker.  If you don’t put your important papers into a filing system that you can find them in again, then you might as well save yourself the trouble and chuck them all in the trash!  Here’s an example of a portable file drawer system from Quill.com.

If you don’t have room for a traditional filing cabinet, take heart.  There are lots of compact and portable filing solutions out there nowadays.  If you’ve never made the trip out to the IKEA store, I recommend you go.  They have a huge collection of storage solutions that are unique and designed for portability.

In the end, if it is easy to take those sorted papers and find a proper home for them, you will be less likely to procrastinate.  Happy filing!  We’ll talk again on Thursday.


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