Taming the Paper Pile – Thursday’s Tip

We’re moving right along with our goal to rid ourselves of that annoying paper pile that stares at us every time we walk by. We’ve sorted our pile, picked a container and spot where the papers will rest TEMPORARILY, looked at what space we have available to file them away in. Now what you say?   Let’s talk about your filing system, if you have one set up already.

Do you have a workable filing system?

Take a look at what kinds of papers you are finding in your pile.  Do you keep copies of paid bills, insurance paperwork, monthly bank statements, pay stubs, kids school papers, etc.?  Make sure you have the appropriate supplies that will help you set up an efficient filing system – hanging file folders, manila folders and something to label with.

Don’t scrimp.

Don’t be tempted to stash miscellaneous “onesies” in file folders belonging to similar subject, or along side of a folder because you don’t want to take the trouble to get the box out of the cupboard and make a file!  Keep some blank manila file folders in a hanging file folder right in your drawer for easy access. 

Make sure your filing system makes sense.

If  you don’t arrange your files in a manner that will make it possible to find all of those papers you file away, then you might as well just take them straight to the trash can.  How frustrating is it to look for something, knowing you’ve had your fingers on it and you placed it in a ‘safe place’, only to be defeated?  Put banking, investment and retirement files in the same area, files for each car’s maintenance records and car insurance should be neighbors, a file folder for each member of the family’s health records and insurance paperwork, and so on.  Not only will this make it easier to do your pre-sort of incoming papers, but it will make filing and finding papers much easier.

That’s all for today!  Make sure to ‘tune in’ to tomorrow’s tip and happy filing!


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