Taming the Paper Pile – Friday’s Tip

Here’s the final step, but may be the most difficult one, in taming that pile of papers that seems to follow you from room to room.  Are you ready?  What can be so difficult after doing all of this? 

Set a day of the week or of the month which you pledge to do your filing on.  Do not sway from that pledge.

Doesn’t sound so hard you say?  Well, it is easy enough to put off dealing with that paper pile until tomorrow, and tomorrow and the pile just keeps growing and calling your name in your sleep.  So make a deal with yourself and set a date with that paper pile.  Then you can check it off of your ‘to do’ list!

Reward yourself when you’re done.

A little ‘bribery’ even works on us adults.  Don’t let yourself watch your favorite show on TV until you have done your filing, or if you prefer positive reinforcement, go get yourself a treat when you’re all done.

That’s It!  Repeat and keep on filing.

I hope that these tips on taming your paper pile have been useful to you.  Tune in for more weekly series relating to organization and other topics that we all deal with in our daily lives.  Just remember – you’re not alone in your struggles.  Happy organization!


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