Social Media-is it taking you over?

I am re-posting my thoughts from Friday the 13th to launch off another topic.  I hope you will join me for the daily tips this week. 

If you are in business for yourself, you probably know by now that you have to get yourself out there on the web – Twitter, Facebook, website, blog, LinkedIn, and on and on the list goes!  But do you dream of making posts while you sleep at night?  Wonder what site you made your daily update on and which one you forgot?  Try to get back into an account and can’t remember your sign-in information?  I will discuss some things here that have helped me with all of these dilemnas and hopefully will help you too!

It is noon already on Friday the 13th and I’m still staring at my computer.  This is where I’ve been all day so far, other than letting the dogs out!

I am working on getting websites and blogs up and running and am determined to get it done!  However, I’m about ready to scream! 

Monday’s Tip:

Don’t force yourself to do something if you’re really not in the mood, or if you can do it in bits and pieces.  When I make myself do something because I’m determined to get it done, it just causes me frustration and it usually doesn’t turn out well.  Get up, walk away, take a break, call a friend, exercise.  Our days on this earth are too short!

If it is a task that you can allow a few days to get done, break it up into chunks and write down what you will do daily to accomplish it.  Then stick to your time frame, unless you’ve had a long needed breakthrough, then by all means, go for it!

We are turning into a society where we don’t talk to each other enough anymore.  We sit in front of our computers, TV’s and video games and don’t interact socially with each other.  Well folks, nothing can replace that.  Are our children going to even know how to communicate and problem solve face-to-face?  I fear not.

So I’m going to go take a break and the day will come to an end, whether I get all of this computer stuff done in the next hour or not!  Have a great day and stop to smell the roses…


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