Social Media – Tuesday’s Tip

Social Media – everyone’s talking about it right? Ready to jump in with both feet and get going? Take a deep breath, organize your thoughts and let’s ‘talk’ first. Just remember the old adage about building your house on a firm foundation, not on sand, if you want it remain standing strong. If you’re just posting a bunch of unorganized thoughts, people will not tune into what you have to say.

There is a sense of urgency when you’re in charge of your own business (and resulting income) to get yourself known. Unfortunately, customers are not knocking down most of our doors. We have found out that there is much more to building a successful business than putting up a website and having business cards made. You have to become someone who is offering a unique service and is an expert in their field.

So here’s Tuesday’s Tip

If you don’t already have your social media sites set up, or even if you do, you hopefully will learn something in today’s tip that will help you decide which sites will work best for your business, or a new trick to make posting to multiple sites more efficient.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MerchantCircle, WordPress and Blogger blog platforms, and on goes the list. Here are some statistics that might help influence your decision on where to put your online presence. Facebook is the #2 site, for most traffic in the WORLD, Twitter is around #11 and YouTube is #4. These are places you definitely need to be!

In order to set up a Facebook business page (the name has changed numerous times-Fan Page, Like Page), you first need to have a personal profile. When you go to, look under the sign in box and you will see a place to click on create a page. Then you can decide if you want to create a business page (Official), a group page or community. After you have made your choice, then simply follow the prompts and get started.

Once you’ve got all of your personal and business information filled in, you can look around and see what Facebook apps might be useful to you. There are tabs for ‘discussions’, ‘reviews’, ‘blogs’ and you can look around and discover these gradually, when you get on other people’s pages and see what apps they’re using.

One app I would recommend, which is very useful is Networked Blogs. Just type Networked Blogs in the search box on your Facebook page and you will be taken to their page, where you can input information about any blogs you want to follow, or enter your blog information and ‘syndicate’ it to broadcast onto the pages you desire. You have to hunt for that ‘syndicate’ button (towards top middle of page), because once you put in the blog’s info, you will have to click on ‘syndicate’ and answer questions as to where you want to broadcast your blog to (personal page only, business & personal page). From here you can also connect with your Twitter account. A ‘blog’ tab will be added to your page and from here you can also follow and read blogs from others. So with one blog entry, you can broadcast across your personal page, your business page(s) and Twitter.

Tomorrow we’ll ‘talk’ about Twitter and ‘tweeting’. Stay tuned…


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