Social Media – Make It Painless!

So now you’re on Facebook and Twitter, maybe thinking about starting a blog. Now what? Your head spins as you try to think of what you will now wow your followers with. How much time is this social media stuff going to take out of my day – I’ve got money to make, right? Well, if you are diligent about the social media and put regular updates out there, you are creating a larger presence on the internet for people to find you on, which brings you…customers! The key word there is BRINGS.

As you are signing up for social media sites, may I suggest that you keep a comprehensive log of your sign on and password information. This may sound like an obvious fact, but I thought I could remember a certain password and decided not to take the time to pull up my Word doc and update it, and guess what? I couldn’t remember it! This is part of building that strong foundation I spoke of earlier. It has come in handy many times for me. Make a document in Word, but name it something that only you will know to be your password list. If someone hacks your computer and you have a document named ‘passwords’, guess where they’re going to head first?

So let’s say you’ve got a Facebook page, 3 Facebook business pages and 2 Twitter accounts. You want to make a daily post, keeping folks up-to-date with specials or incentives to come buy your product. How much time will this take if you log into each account and make each post separately? Longer than it needs to, that’s for sure!

Let me introduce you to my best social media friends – Hootsuite and They are automatic integration applications that are web-based. You create an account (log that sign-in and password!) and follow simple instructions as to connecting these applications with your social media accounts.

There are slight differences between the two, so you can decide for yourself which will suit your needs better.

-Hootsuite does not have as many social networks that it will connect with as has a huge list of networks you can post to. However, Hootsuite does have the capacity to schedule when you want your updates to go out and does not. If you are going to be making daily, or even hourly updates, then Hootsuite will enable you to input everything all at once, and like the Ronco man says “set it and forget it!” Hootsuite will then take care of blasting out those important posts and you will be able to see the pending feed stream (posts left to go out). can, however, post to your blogs and I have not found that capacity with Hootsuite.

You will need to decide which application best suits your needs. If you’re posting a lot of material and want to space it out at intervals, then Hootsuite will work great for you. If you’ve got multiple blogs and are on a lot of social networks, then might suit your needs better. Both are easy to learn and set up.

So, make the most of your time in front of the computer and check out one of these applications. I’m sure there are more than these out there, but this is all I can speak of personally to you. Have fun and go get crazy posting to the world! Tune in Friday for a comparison between blogging on Google’s Blogger and WordPress.


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