Do I Really Need a Blog?

Before we go any deeper into the different blog platforms available, you should ponder the following. There are far too many abandoned blogs out there, where people started out with good intentions and quickly gave up. So…are you comfortable writing and do you enjoy it? If not, then maybe a blog is not for you. If maintaining a blog for your business is going to be something that you absolutely hate to do, then it is not worth the effort. You also have the option of paying someone to update your social media and blog for you, but you would have to decide if the cost would result in extra income for your business.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable writing and don’t find it difficult to compose an organized trane of thought, then a blog can be a very useful way to drive traffic to your website and bring customers to your door. The ‘experts’ like Ely Delaney and Jeff Herring, to name a few, recommend that you write an article and then re-purpose it to provide content for your Twitter, blog and Facebook accounts.  In other words, you take bits and pieces of the entire article and post it among your social media sites.  So you sit one day a week and write an article that you can easily break apart into pieces to post elsewhere.

Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to get all social media going at once. The world will not end at the end of the day if you don’t have everything up and running efficiently.

Before you get started, think about what will you blog about and how often are you willing to blog? You must have an organized trane of thought and blog on a regular basis, if you want to attract people to your blog. Your ultimate goal is to become someone that people will consider ‘an expert’ in their field. You give out tid-bits of useful information on a regular basis, and the people will come to you looking for information and answers, instead of you pursuing them.

Tune in on Tuesday for more in-depth comparisons of WordPress and Blogger, so that once you decide you are ready to start blogging, you can know a little more about how they work.


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