WordPress vs. Blogger

I am by no means, an expert at blogging or social media. I am speaking to you from a learner’s point of view. But if I can help you learn what I’ve discovered so far, in a shorter period of time, then your time spent in reading this blog post will be time well spent.

Google’s Blogger was where I started and I found it very easy to pick up. Everything is laid out well, and in plain site. The widgets (extras to add onto your page) are easy to find and there are a lot of available ‘extras’ available from within the blog’s dashboard.

•There are plenty of templates to satisfy a beginner, and other templates are available if you want something a little snazzier!
•Templates can be customized with your logo and preferred color scheme.
•It is simple to set up – you just have to search within the tabs to find the options and read through them.
•On Blogger you need to establish a gmail account.

WordPress is a little more difficult to learn, but not too bad. Once you get used to how the Blogger dashboard is arranged, it just takes a little looking around to find the same functions within WordPress.

•You do not need a special e-mail address for a WordPress blog – just register with the e-mail you wish to use to log in with.
•You are able to schedule posts for a future time and date.
•You can also see from your dashboard (log in page) your daily report on your blog (how many views), which is useful and interesting.
•Plenty of templates to choose from and the option to customize with your logo and color scheme.

I currently have blogs going on both WordPress and Blogger. I have been told by many people that WordPress is the preferred blogging platform, for various reasons. Supposedly the search engines like WordPress better (the type of code it puts out) and after using both, WordPress definitely has more options. I love the ability to schedule posts – you can write your ‘article’, divide it into pieces for how many days a week you are planning to post on your blog, schedule it and forget it.

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