My Journey from Secretary to Aspiring Entrepreneur – Day 2

Have you ever wondered why it is you do what you do?  Was it a family tradition or business that influenced your career path?  Was it just your God given talents that you decided to utilize?  Were you just really good at something and were able to turn it into a career?  I think back, and it just seems that I was destined to become a secretary. 

 It all started back in junior high school (you hear the music playing taking you back in time to 1969….).  I grew up in Columbus, Ohio, in an ordinary family.  I started piano lessons when I was 8 years old, as I recollect.  I can still remember my piano teacher’s voice echoing in my head “go cut those fingernails – I don’t want to hear them clicking on the keys!”.  I still think of her when I hear my nails clicking away on the keys of the computer.  Funny how some things stick with you!  I took piano lessons for 8 years and my mother loved to have me showcase my talents when company would come over.  Thankfully, we didn’t have much for company because I HATED performing!  As well as I would know a piece of music, as soon as I was asked to perform, my heart would start beating and my hands would shake.  I especially hated recitals.  It takes a lot for me to be comfortable in front of a lot of people, but I’m working on that!

In 7th grade, in Woodward Junior High School, I decided to take a typing course.  My parents purchased a typewriter for me to keep in my bedroom.  We’re not talking electric here folks, the old manual typewriter.  I would sit in my room and practice typing – weird huh?  Back then we didn’t have tv’s in every room, dvds, cable tv, mp3 players, video games and such.  We had to entertain ourselves – what a novel concept!  So I entertained myself by typing.  Now I don’t know if it was partially because I played piano, but typing came easy for me.  When you learn piano, you are forced to rely on memory and touch – no looking down at the keys because you will lose your place in the music.  So who knew that piano lessons could lead you into the life of a secretary?

I eventually gave up the piano in high school, because I couldn’t take the stress of recitals.  My  mother thinks that I can still play like I did back then, if I’d only give it a try.  We still have a piano in the front entryway of the house.  I wanted to teach my kids, but none of them really seemed interested.  I decided to take the last piece of  music that I played at a recital and had mastered and have it framed to hang above the piano because I would never play it again.  It was Rhapsody in Blue…  I was not as talented as the gentleman in the video, but it was a very difficult piece.  I never really had ‘natural talent’ – just was able to learn and play the music well, but you can tell the difference when someone tickles the ivories of a piano who is truly talented and relaxed while playing.

So what did my years of piano playing and practicing on a manual typewriter in my bedroom get me?  The last official timed test I took on an old IBM Selectric typewriter came out to 120 words per minute.  My fast fingers have been instrumental in procuring me secretarial positions throughout the years, and I should probably have them insured, but I’ve also got good common sense, which runs those fingers.  We can have the greatest talent in the world, but without a good head on your shoulders, it will be as beneficial to  you as possible.

Join me for Day 3’s post – we’ll be moving into high school days (oh to go back now and know what I know now!).  Those were the days of segregation, civil rights movements and forced school integration.  I still remember those few kids who were bussed into the school and forced to integrate into a totally foreign environment.  I didn’t appreciate at the time how totally uncomfortable they must have felt to be caught in the middle of this important time in our country.  Until tomorrow…


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