Did Family Influence Your Career Choice?

I must admit, that I have waited to long today to compose day 6’s blog challenge post. I’m tired and my eyes are heavy, so this will be a bit short.

I was sitting here thinking of how much like my mother I am. I knit, sew, and became a secretary – all things I have in common with my mother. My mother worked in the high school office – not a good thing to have your mother around during your high school days. I was foolish enough to cut class a couple of days and the teachers did a beeline to my mom, asking if I was sick! Uhh ohh. It seems like certain careers run in families. My sister-in-law was in the nursing field, and her two daughters have followed in her footsteps. Young men might take up the same trade as their fathers. Maybe it is because it was what we grew up with – it was comfortable for us to migrate into.

My daughter, however, is nothing like me although I did get her involved in our political process and paying attention to the world around her. She is going to become an Art Teacher – or at least that’s what she’s studying to be in her Freshman year in college. She likes to put down the fact that I’m a secretary – I’m not sure why because she knew how much work, and a load I carried for the years I worked at the church office as an Administrative Assistant. I gave myself my own title of Special Projects Manager, because when someone would come up with a brilliant idea for a project, but they didn’t want to administrate it, it always ended up in my hands. Two examples would be the brilliant idea to do a parish directory. I informed our Pastor that this would be a large project that I would need help and support with. I got the nod to go ahead to try and coordinate this project for a parish of over 3,000 families. Didn’t turn out to be a very fun time, but hopefully those who got their pictures taken appreciated the effort. The other scenario that comes to mind is when the church decided to stop mailing the contribution envelopes monthly to save money and would now give out boxes for the year. That’s a lot of boxes and Masses to stand outside of to try to get people to stop for a moment to take their box. Secretaries are the glue that hold organizations together, as far as I’m concerned, because a good secretary/assistant will jump in with both feet, take the ball and run with it!

A good secretary/assistant is a master organizer, a driven motivated worker who is always looking for ways to improve the process around them. I am always looking for more efficient, effective ways to accomplish a task and I love learning new things.

What about you – what job skills will you pass along to your children? Do you love your job, or do you love to hate it? I love helping people get organized and finding better ways to do things, so I guess secretarial work is a great fit for me. Good thing – I’ve been doing it for 35 years now (wow, that sounds scary!). Until tomorrow…


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