Day 7 – The Curse of Procrastination!

Once again, I’ve put off doing my daily blog challenge until after 9:00 pm, when I’m tired and ready to crawl into bed. Why you ask? I’m not sure. I love to write – it is something that comes very easily to me. Time management issues? Possibly. Lack of inspiration and subject matter – definately! Is pracrastination built into your genes? I’m wondering and I’ll tell you why.

I have always been the kind of person who waits until the last possible moment to leave for where I need to get to. It’s all I remember. I am rarely early to an appointment or function. This is a habit that has made many a boss unhappy over the years. Not too early – not too late. The world will go on, what’s the big deal? Well, now that I’m older I can see my bosses point of view. Was I going to be there to answer those darn phones all day or were they going to have to deal with it. They were stressed with the thought of having to fill in for me. Back then we didn’t have cell phones so they could get on the phone and say “are you on your way or what?”. Nowadays we’re always reachable – not always a good thing.

Now that I’m a mom and my children are old enough to understand the significance of ‘personal responsibility’, they are like I was. No big deal mom, if I wait until 2 days before a major project is due to ask you to get all of the supplies I need at the store. What’s the problem with that? Well, I called my 15 year’s bluff last Saturday when he started rattling off a list of items he needed to make a model of DNA. I am well outfitted with craft supplies, from my daughter being pretty artsy, so I began to pull out all of the items he needed. I sat them in front of him and you could almost hear his dismay. Now he would actually have to begin working! Soon he figured out that Plan A was not as easy as he invisioned it to be, so he had to move to Plan B and the tension rose. He is easily frustrated and gives up when challenged, which makes me worry about how he will grow into a productive adult, but we have a few years to work on that yet. As the tension rose, I had a quilting bee to go to, so I left Dad in charge. It was a fortunate thing!

But are bad habits inheritable? I’m beginning to wonder. Both of my boys disliked high school, as did I, they are procrastinators, so am I, and a few other habits I don’t care to mention here! So are these learned bad habits, or are they built into our gene pool, passed down from generation from generation. Wouldn’t it be good to know. Neither of my parents were procrastinators, so where did it come from. I will never know. Will I ever be able to change that part of me? At 52, I’m doubtful. I strive to be everywhere on time, but I find myself trying to squeeze in that last little thing, that will only take a moment, right? Good thing I have my husband to balance me out – he always want to get places early. What is that they say about opposites attracting? Until tomorrow…


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