I Did It Again!

I bet you can’t guess what time it is? 9:17 pm! Seems to be about the time I’m getting settled down in front of the computer to do the daily blog challenge post. Why fight it – looks like this will be my time to gather my thoughts for the day and head to bed. I’ve got an un-neighborly situation developing on my street, so pardon me if I seem distracted…

I think I’ll ponder human nature. That seems to be part of the problem developing on the street. Lack of a sense of personal responsibility and just plain old common sense seems to be abundant in our society today. Wouldn’t you agree? I’m 52 and the folks down my street who are yelling at people as they pass by in their cars they deem to be going to quickly, all have young children and are probably in their 30’s. Have things changed that drastically in 20 years – I believe so. It is the driver’s responsibility to watch out for the children as they come down the street, but more importantly, it is the parent’s responsibility to teach their children how to watch for cars and stay on the sidewalk until the cars has passed. I’ve had the kids dart out in front of my vehicle on numerous occasions and scare the living daylights out of me! So how has personal responsibility been reduced from our society? This is one of the many questions I wonder about and I wonder what my 15 year old son will grow into. He is of the mentality that if you want him to do something for you, then you should be willing to give something to him. He has no sense of doing something just for the satisfaction of a job well done. Don’t you get that feeling of accomplishment when you’ve tackled and large, or challenging task? I certainly do! Sometimes I even try to pat myself on the back, because nobody else will. So what has brought us to this self-entitlement, the responsibility is on anyone but me society? I wish I knew. It has been a slow and insidious process, helped along by our schools, I’m sure. On teams, every child receives a trophy. Awards are given to everyone, not based on achievement, but so someone doesn’t get their feelings hurt. Really? That’s life – get over it. It’s a struggle, everything isn’t supposed to be neat and easy.

I helped someone with a survey from employers and community leaders, and was not too surprised by the results. They said that high school graduates were not qualified for positions of any great importance, because they didn’t have any of the following skills to qualify them for a job: math, basic spelling and grammar, good common sense, communication, people skills, basic business operation knowledge, and the willingness to stick with a task or job. Why are we pumping all of these tax dollars into our schools when they can’t come out and get a decent job without going to college? It’s a scary thing. We should not be focusing on having the kids graduate ‘college ready’ but job and life ready.

What will happen to our society when we have all lost the concept of personal responsibility. You see it now in politics and even in the highest office of the land. It is so much easier to blame the other guy, than to look in the mirror and say “what have a done and what can I do to solve the problems at hand?”. Well, those are my thoughts for the day…until tomorrow.


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