Technology – Good Thing or Bad?

I learned how to type on a manual typewriter, moved up to electric, then the good old IBM Selectric with correcting tape (we thought we were in heaven then didn’t we?), then to some huge computers along the way to where I am now, sitting in front of a small laptop. It is a wonderful thing that we have people amongst us who are curious and always looking for a better way to do things, right? But there are days when I wonder if it is always necessarily a good thing. So many of the old skills are being lost – most people can’t make change without the cash register telling them the amount (simple math skills folks), if you try to make an appointment and their computers are down, you have to wait, manufacturing skills and trades are being lost forever and taken over by machines. So even though technology has moved us forward, there are a lot of things we are loosing along the way. Will the old ways ever be re-embraced. Some people like the old-fashioned way of doing things. I used to make organizational charts on an IBM Selectric with the little boxes around the layers of positions. I had learned how to move the roller and manipulate the backspace to fix things with a little finesse. I have an old console stereo with a record player and radio and the record player needs fixed, but probably never will be, because no one knows how to make repairs on them anymore. We have become a throw away society.

So have we all become too dependent on modern technology? I’m afraid so. I heard someone advocating for no use of cell phones in cars this morning, because they are a distraction. So are children in the backseat, people eating, putting on makeup, programming their GPS and so forth. There will always be distracted drivers and people who choose to drive under the influence. This is not something that the government can regulate. It is human nature – we are flawed in our decision-making processes sometimes. It’s just the way it is. Who knew years ago that every person would have a cell phone with them and would be unable to not check them multiple times during the day. Not only do we use them for staying in constant contact with people, but now they’re serving as book readers, internet viewers – we are bombarded with information constantly. News cycles go 24/7, the TV never signs off (remember the day when the TV stations signed off at midnight?). Well, no more.

So how do we keep the old traditions alive? Our children hear less and less about the depression years, the days when the milkman delivered bottles of milk to your doorstep, and you actually had ice delivered to put in your icebox. History is being re-written to include such notable things as Oprah Winfrey instead of Christopher Columbus (scary). We are loosing our past and it is a rich history and society who has been inventive and creative to make us what we are today.

What I wonder, is if we’ve really progressed forward? What do you think…until tomorrow.


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