From Ohio to the Wild, Wild West

I had a successful career working at Borden, Inc., in a skyscraper in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Had my own condo, lifelong friends and a comfortable life. So why did I leave you ask? My parents had moved to Florida a few years earlier, but then they ended up out in Phoenix, and my mother thought it was much farther away than Florida, so she did the mom guilt thing. Since I am essentially her only child, and I had just broken up with a boyfriend, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. So off I went. Lived in Sun City West for a few months until I got on my feet, found a job in a small CPA office and got another apartment. I still remember moving out here in November and breaking out my summer clothes – I was excited. I was outside sunbathing, in Sun City West no less! Not a friendly place for those under the age of 55, which is sad. People were walking around in wool skirts, sweaters and jackets. I thought they were nuts! Now I understand, after being out here for 30 years – you’re just plain sick of your summer clothes and are ready for a change of pace as soon as anything similar to a cool breeze blows! It was the same back in Ohio – people were out washing their cars in their shorts when it got anywhere near 60 degrees.

The ex-boyfriend came out and visited me twice, and after the second visit that was that. He went on to marry a Cindy and I went on to marry a Tom – we had the right name of the person we were supposed to marry, just not the right person attached to it. I met my husband by placing a personal ad in The New Times. You would have to know my hubby to truly appreciate that it was a miracle that we came together. He is a shy guy and just happened to pick up the paper that was laying on around the office while taking a break. 22 Years later and 3 kids, we’re still together. He deserves a medal for putting up with me!

I worked at the CPA’s office for a little while, and then got the opportunity to work for a large company that is famous out here – Del E Webb Realty & Management Co. I worked on Central in a complex that has now changed names – it used to contain the Greyhoud Tower, The Del Webb Building and a hotel. I worked in the property management and was on the front lines for receiving all of the tenant complaints. I learned diplomacy quickly – customer service is not an easy position to hold. I almost decided to go to school to become a property manager, but decided not to. I don’t know if that was a good decision or bad, and I forget why I decided not to know. Probably too much math for me – all that figuring out price per sq. foot stuff. I’m such a math wimp! This job caused me to change vehicles, as I had a standard shift and it was not fun driving it through the 6 stories of the garage to the roof where we parked. !st, 2nd, 1st, 2nd gears all the way up. Gotta love automatic transmissions. Until tomorrow – this aspiring entrepreneur is going to bed.


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