Give Yourself a Break

I went to a networking meeting today and heard a common theme. The business owners there were grateful that business was booming, but they were overwhelmed at the same time. If we’re not busy, we’re stressed. If we are busy, we’re stressed. Is there a middle ground? Some days it doesn’t seem so.

One lady worked at a glass shop, and they were swamped because of the damage that the hail storm caused last week. She had a relative with her, who was trying to help out, but sometimes having someone help is more effort because then you still have to plan and delegate. She said she walked out and left the phones ringing when she came to the meeting. Those of us whose phones are not ringing off the hook area imaging how wonderful that would be. A friend who owns a Cafe is participating in and/or catering 4 events in the next two weeks. They are grateful, but definately stressed.

I have been blessed to pick up 4 clients, after wondering if I would ever get a customer. I’ve been at my business since June – busy networking, studying up on social networks and gathering all of the information I can to help me know how to market my business. I am also now making 5 Octoberfest costumes within the next week and a half, and another person was referred to me for some halloween costume preparations. Great – I’ve got business. Woo Hoo! Now I need to learn how to budget and manage my time. This is an integral and necessary part of creating, building and managing your own business. Without it you will miss deadlines on projects and won’t get those necessary referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations. Word-of-mouth advertising is still the most important of all the advertising available out there. I may see a coupon in the mail or in a magazine, but if I have a friend tell me “Hey, so and so does great work for the price”, I’ll be more likely to seek them out when I am in need of that service, versus picking someone from an ad. Don’t you agree?

So, I finished one sewing project – a doggie pad with a moisture proof cover on it, and got that checked off of my list. Now it is 10:17 pm and I challenged myself to do this blog challenge, so I got it done. But now I’m going to give myself a break and hit the bed. Because the sewing, shopping and all of the other things I need to do will be there tomorrow morning. So make sure your delegating your time effeciently, to reduce stress, but at the days end, or when you’re just overwhelmed, be sure to give yourself a break! Until tomorrow…


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