Am I a Native Now?

It seems that most of us are transplants from another state. Those of us who were smart left the cold behind – I was all to happy to leave Ohio in the end, but the experience of leaving the place where I had grown up for 24 years was traumatic. I haven’t been back for 21 years though, so I’d say I’m fine. You try to keep in touch with old friends, but eventually you lose contact. Thanks to Facebook, it’s pretty fun to look and see if you can find old friends and reconnect.

I moved to Arizona in 1980, so that makes me here for 30 years now – wow! My kids were all born here, my hubby came from Wisconsin. Half Buckeyes, half Cheeseheads. I’ve given up on watching Ohio State get beat by Michigan over the years. So when are you considered a ‘native’ of Arizona. Is it when you get angered when someone is washing their sidewalks and driveways off, like they were living back East? Is it when you don’t care if you see grass anymore, because you just have to mow it anyway?

I have had a good life since moving out to Arizona. I met my husband here, so who knows what my life may have been if I had stayed in Ohio. I would probably be married to the Tom I broke up with there. Do you ever wonder what life would have brought if you’d done something different along the way? I worked for Del Webb Realty & Management in a couple of their properties that they managed for a number of years, and listened to a lot of tenants complain about this and that. Customer service is not an easy job. I am always careful not to take my issues out on the customer service representative that I make contact with, because I know it is not their fault – just a job they are doing at the time. Unfortunately, not enough people have empathy for those in these difficult jobs.

I met my hubby through the New Times – I put in a personal ad. If you knew my husband you would be amazed that this ever came to be because he is a pretty shy, quiet guy. He was at work, and someone had left the paper laying around and he saw my ad. So he wrote me a note. I got letters from about 92 gentlemen – some in jail! Had a few disastrous dates, and then set up a time to meet him. I gave him the wrong directions to Streets of New York and I was late to boot! He told me he worked at Palo Verde and how everyone he ever told said they knew someone who worked there. Well, low and behold, I worked with the wife of his boss. Is this all just lining up as if it were destiny? I think so.

Well, I have 6 Octoberfest Beer Girl costumes to finish and 2 others to work on, so I’m going to sign off for now. I’m claiming native Arizonan status – I think I deserve it!


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  1. Cindy,

    I think our stories could qualify as twins – well, at least ‘fraternal’ twins.

    I’m from Pennsylvania, originally, and all my family still resides on the East Coast. You know, that really, really beautiful part of the country (where you get to scrape ice off your windshield in the winter and shovel your way out of the driveway snow drifts):)

    I would have to say, at this point, you definitely qualify as an Arizona native! And now that I’ve resided in California since 1974, I think I’ll call myself a native, too.



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