Too Many Things!?

Is it possible to do too many things? To embrace too many ideas? To try to do too much at one time? Absolutely! Is it always a bad thing to have many ideas rattling around in your head? Definitely not! But don’t try to be a ‘juggler’. Have you ever been to a networking meeting and someone stands up to do their ‘commercial’ and they quickly rattle off 2 or 3 companies that they are working on? It makes you wonder just how hard they are working on all of them, doesn’t it? If something doesn’t work out the way we envisioned, then we tend to jump on another bandwagon, don’t we?

Am I guilty of this? Why yes I am. I started the grocery shopping business the end of March and when we went off to Wisconsin in June, I still hadn’t had my first customer. I was wondering about the benefits of networking – was it really worth my time? Should I be out pounding the pavement? Should I spend big bucks on advertising? I didn’t have a product – just the service I was offering. I felt frustrated and lost and questioned whether I was heading in the right direction.

While in Wisconsin, off of Lake Superior, I had another idea pop into my head. I contemplated what other skills I possessed, and I know how to sew. I don’t always particularly enjoy sewing – I have to be in the mood – but it was a skill I could put to use to bring home some bacon! Everyone says that you should be doing something that you enjoy – that you are passionate about, since you’re working for yourself, but I think we have to use our available skills to make some money. We’re not always going to like what we’re doing – life’s not that easy is it?

I had sewn a cover for my pool table, to protect it from the kitty hair and the kitty babies laying on the felt. I used fashion fabric and liked the way it turned out. It took it from being a piece of furniture that overcomes the room, into a blended piece of furniture. I did my homework and found no nice looking, fashionable pool table covers being offered online. Bingo! Now I have a product – that will be easier to market right? Not necessarily. So I developed my 2nd company – Custom Home Covers – offering pool table covers, curtains, bar stool recovering. Practical, yet fashionable items for your home to protect your investments. So I then became one of those folks who stood up at networking and named more than one company. I now realize that it was just a distraction. So consider these things when you’re tempted to jump from one idea or opportunity to another.

  • Keep your focus on what you are passionate about. 
  • Don’t jump from company to company – people will not believe in your steadfastness and will not be prone to refer people to you.
  • If marketing one product is difficult, marketing another won’t be any easier.
  • Remember the old saying – slow and steady wins the race.  Hang in there – business will come your way when you prove that you are here to stay.

So how did I resolve my dilemma of two separate companies?  Tune in tomorrow.  Thanks for reading…Cindy


5 responses to this post.

  1. Great info, Cindy. I was just thinking about this yesterday. Having mobile businesses it is so easy to change direction, that sometimes we get trapped in that vicious circle. If two weeks go by without income, it’s off to something else. That’s not fair to ourselves or our new venture. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. Going from employee to entrepreneur has been quite the journey for us all – self-doubt, frustration, hope, joy. It’s like riding a rollercoaster (and I don’t like rollercoasters)! But I do believe the story of the tortoise and the hare – if you build a good foundation for your house and build it wisely, it will stand tall. Hey, I just got another idea for a post – it gets scarey when you start doing that. I must be getting in the habit of blogging. Nice to ‘meet you’…Cindy


  2. You started a 3rd. company???

    Well you asked, or was that more of a statement?

    You know I luv ya’



  3. Genuinely definitely very good website article which has got me considering. I never looked at this from your point of view.


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