The Truth Hurts – Don’t It?

July came and in my first 6 months of ‘going it alone’ and I had not gained one customer. I had done some networking, tried a disastrous postcard mailing because I tried to compile the addresses on my own, and was feeling very frustrated. I learned that my neighbor across the street was a small business consultant/tax person, so I booked an appointment with her to discuss my business ideas. Well, she blew me out of the water, and I came back across the street with a lot of contemplating to do. It was good though, because what resulted was the formation of my 3rd company – Helper B LLC. It is now my main, and only focus in what I’m trying to develop. She asked me what I could do for her if she didn’t want me to do grocery shopping or sewing for her. What if she wanted me to organize her recipes for her instead? I had been thinking of a way to incorporate my many years of office work and support into my repertoire of offerings. She came up with the idea of a gopher type name, but that was being used everywhere. So I thought of other things – catch phrases that people used when they were wishing for a helper or assistance. So I thought of a helper bee. This name was also being used, so I shortened it to make it nice and easy for people to remember (hopefully!).

I still left my other sites up, since they were already there and gave me additional exposure on the web, and went to work on the Helper B LLC. Some days I feel that I’ve thrown too much into this concept though. I went from a very narrow focus to wide focus – lots of things to remember that I can do for you. One gal that I’ve been networking with for a little while, on a weekly basis, looked at me one day and said “oh, you sew!”. I then realized that my 15 second commercial wasn’t very memorable! So I’m still in a state of ‘evolving’ as far as my business goes, but I think this is a natural thing. All businesses are constantly re-evaluating what they offer, how to better present it, and what products and services are being well received. Am I a business now? I’m not sure, but I’m trying hard! Be prepared to make the following steps and evaluations – it’s not a quick and easy process to become a ‘business’:

  • Do your homework and see what similar folks are offering for services and how they are selling them. 
  • Are you willing to make a commitment to this idea and follow through the challenges? 
  • Are you willing to educate yourself and put a lot of time into your business ideas?
  • Seek out supportive people and surround yourself with them.  Ignore the rest of the noise.
  • Build yourself a strong foundation for your business – have a thorough thought process.  You will win the race by going slow and steady in my opinion. 
  • BE PATIENT – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Congratulations – you’re an entrepreneur!  How can we support each other?  Until tomorrow – I’ve almost made it to the end of the challenge.  What will I do then?  Hummm….


3 responses to this post.

  1. BE PATIENT – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    Funny that you mention that, as it is in my line up and I tell people this ALL the time. But do they listen?

    Of course not, so Girlfriend we will keep on trekin and keep on tellin until someone finaly gets it!

    Luv ya sweets.



  2. Hi Cindy – I have to say I have really enjoyed reading your posts. I wish I had been stopping by before but it was fun to sit and read them all together. I am also glad that blogging has become something that wakes you in the middle of the night – LOL – just kidding but welcome to my world.

    As for your business woes – I have a couple of things to share. 1st I would ask you to answer this question about the people you have met networking – what are they talking about, what are their problems, where do they need help. Be sure not to think what do you think they need help with but what do they think they need help with. Then how can you fix that for them.

    2nd Be careful of trying to be all thing to all people. I focus on helping entrepreneurs get more visibility and clients on social media and online but that wasn’t what I thought I would be doing. It is just something I learned to do for my own business and then everyone started asking me how I did it. Thus a business was formed. :))

    I look forward to seeing what is in store for you in the future. Thanks and keep up the blogging.

    Michele Scism, The Results Lady from


    • Thanks for reading Michele – It has been sort of theraputic to me to go back and follow my progress, trials and tribulations through life. I appreciate your comments and suggestions. It is definately an evolution. I have people asking me how to do things, but don’t feel I’m qualified to be a ‘teacher’, so I hesitate and share what I do know through networking groups I am the organizer of. I have so much input coming in that it gets confusing some days. It is definately an alternate universe I’ve been dropped into – not always surrounded by friendly fellow entrepreneurs, but I’m plugging along. I love input, so I greatly appreciate you taking the time to leave me your words of encouragement!


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