Blogging Advice – It’s Everywhere!

While I am proud of myself that I completed the 31 Day Blog Challenge, sponsored by, I have still yet to decide how I want to continue with my blog posts in the future. I ran across this blog this morning and thought I would share it with you. The title is “Do you recognize these 10 mental blocks to creative thinking?” Here’s just a snippet of the content and I hope you will read the entire post if you’re either contemplating or currently are blogging and struggling, as I am.

“People like to call this “thinking outside of the box,” which is the wrong way to look at it. Just like Neo needed to understand that “there is no spoon” in the film The Matrix, you need to realize “there is no box” to step outside of.

You create your own imaginary boxes simply by living life and accepting certain things as “real” when they are just as illusory as the beliefs of a paranoid delusional. The difference is, enough people agree that certain man-made concepts are “real,” so you’re viewed as “normal.” This is good for society overall, but it’s that sort of unquestioning consensus that inhibits your natural creative abilities.”

He touched on those boxes we are supposed to step outside of, but noted that those boxes are self-imposed. This is so true. In one of my previous posts titled “What’s Inside Your Box?”, I tried to focus thoughts on what is actually inside of my box, before I actually decide how I’m going to step outside of it.

Social media is the big buzz around town now. Everyone is either talking about it, blogging about it, or teaching it. Who do you listen to? How much information do you really need before you go into overload and just give up? Here are my suggestions to those of you out there who are in the same boat as I am – wanting to conquer all of this social media stuff but wondering if it’s worth it in the end:

  • Find someone who is at the level you’re currently at.  There is advice out there from beginning baby steps starting up your social media plan, to complex advice that will make your head explode just trying to read it. 
  • Look for good, consistent content being put out.  Search the internet for resources on websites and blogs.  There is much out there available to read.
  • Subscribe to those blogs who you enjoy so you can stay up with their content and do share with others if you find it useful.  The author will greatly appreciate it.  Most blogs usually have mutiple ways to connect with them – either subscribe and get e-mails, ‘like’ them on Facebook and get their posts sent to your Wall, Twitter, RSS (really simple syndication).
  • Don’t be afraid to ask.  Someone at my networking meeting this week asked “what is a blog and why do I need on”?  She said she was afraid to ask that question because everyone always shakes their heads like they understand while people are discussing it.  “Where do I get one” she asked. 
  • Pick friends and fellow entrepreneurs’ brains.  People are usually willing to share what they have figured out because they know it took them some effort to do so, so why not pass along your  knowledge is my philosophy.
  • Don’t try to get everything up and running at once.  Decide what you’re going to start with.  If you love writing, then start a blog and let people know you’re broadcasting.  Put links to it on your website, Facebook page, Twitter account or LinkedIn.  Wherever you hang out the most.
  • If it’s going to just be another frustration, then don’t do it.  The alternative is to have someone else do it for you and see if it benefits your business.

In the end, don’t stress yourself out and go into ‘information overload”!  Find a few reliable sources, ask questions and keep moving forward.  That’s what I’m determined to do.  Until next time…Cindy


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