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I formed Helper B Business Assistant because I’m passionate about lending support to fellow small business owners, who are striving to create a successful business.  Are you trying to do it all?  Be the CEO, Controller, marketing, sales and support staff?  In order to get your business buzzing you need to focus on what you are best at; what you really enjoy.  Do you enjoy sitting through webinars and seminars, driving to the other side of town to catch a speaker on marketing or social media, or is your time better spent doing what you do best?

I enjoy learning new techniques, trends and possibilities when it comes to the online marketing world.  There are so many free resources that allow you to get the word out about your business – why not utilize them?  Why not hire someone who can get you up and running on those resources quickly, economically and understandably.  I’ll walk you through the process so you will be able to understand, access and operate what we have set up for you.  Social media and online marketing tools won’t benefit you if you don’t understand how it should integrate into your overall marketing strategy.  If you have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or a blog set up for your business and you’re not using it, then you have just wasted time and money.  Of course, Helper B will be happy to post and continue implementing your social media strategy for you, but you still need to understand what is being done on your behalf.  First, and foremost, my focus is not on separating you from your money, but on truly helping you have more success for your business with less stress.

I can instruct you on the most fundamental computer functions, to more advanced programs and utilities.  Need help joining the digital media world we’re living in?  Call me today for your FREE 1 hour consultation.  Why spend time, money and gas chasing down seminars and classes when you can get assistance quickly and for a very reasonable price for your online business marketing or computer needs?

Feel free to contact me by phone at 623-688-0541 or by e-mail at for further information on how I can help you move your business forward.  Thanks for visiting and I look forward to assisting you!


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