Special Package Deals

‘Get your Biz Buzzing’ Package


I am offering two packages currently. The first, ‘Get your Biz Buzzing’ is focused on getting your business out there on the internet and developing a comprehensive social media/marketing strategy. The cost of this package is $60.00.  I will sit down with you for up to 3 hours to help you set up your business on the social media sites of your choice.  A Facebook business page, Twitter, LinkedIn, MerchantCircle, WordPress or Blogger. It’s up to you!  We’ll sit and discuss, one-on-one, what will work best for you in marketing your business. I’ll make sure you are able to understand what we have set up for you and how to utilize it. You will also have unlimited access to me for any questions you may have after our initial meeting, via my e-mail.


‘Buzz Creation’ Package

The second package is focused on creating a buzz about your business.  The ‘Buzz Creation’ package will get you ready to create consistent, relevant content that will attract potential customers to your business.  You may have already set up a Facebook page for your business, a blog, Twitter but now wonder what you’re supposed to do with it.  Does this sound like you?  Whether you’ve got things started or Helper B has set up sites for you, I can help you create a buzz!

I’ll interview you and we’ll identify what your business is all about, what your aspirations are, examine what marketing strategies you’re using now, and how we can create a marketing strategy that will work for you.  You can listen to hours of webinars and read hundreds of blog posts or you can call me to get you buzzing.  I can create original content to tweet, post on Facebook or blog about.  You just need to provide me with guidelines and suggestions.  Or you can create the content and I will take care of posting it when and where you want.

If I Create:

  • Blog posts – original content up to 500 words (guideline provided)  once a week – $30/month
  • Facebook or Twitter posts 3 times a week (includes research time)- $30/month

If You Create:

  • Blog posts – content provided by you in Word doc, up to 3 times a week – $20/month
  • Facebook or Twitter posts 3 times a week (links/video/verbage ready to copy)-$20/month
There are so many free listing resources and sites to help you get your biz buzzing. Are you utilizing them? If not, then call me for an appointment today. 623-707-9124 or helperb@live.com. I look forward to assisting you…Cindy Seipel



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