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The Baby Years

I had a successful career, as an Administrative Assistant at MeraBank when I married my husband. Not long thereafter, I became pregnant. We were 30 when we got married, so there wasn’t any time to waste! Since we were able to live on my husband’s salary, I quit working when I was a few month’s pregnant. I was greatly looking forward to the break – after all, I had been working full-time since the age of 17. I was very grateful to be able to make this choice to stay home and raise my child. Little did I know that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

Along Came Jason

The first-born was Jason, now 21 years of age and living back at home :-(.  My husband was working 6 12 hours days for the first year and a half of his life, and he was working nights when my water broke.  I called my  mother to drive me downtown to St. Joseph’s Hospital.  She was going about 45 miles an hours down the freeway, when I proclaimed “step on it mom!”.  I was almost 4 weeks ahead of my due date and let’s just say it was not an easy birth, almost ending in a Cesarian because the cord was wrapped around his neck.  It’s not fun having drugs pumped into you to make your contractions stronger (are they kidding?) and 2 nurses laying on your stomach trying to pop the kid out.  Poor guy, he was probably saying “gees, just leave me in here will ya!”.  We both survived the trauma and he had to spend 3 days in the hospital in the NICU before he could come home.  He was a skinny baby, due to being born early, and is still a skinny guy.  I’ll always wonder if it is because of his premature birth.  We’ll see what happens when he gets older and mother nature starts playing her old age tricks!


While I was so looking forward to staying home and raising Jason, I had no idea of the sense of isolation I would feel.  It was 1989, before the age of cell phones and internet.  There was no place to go to meetup with moms with babies to hang out and have some one-on-one conversation.  Thank God for my mother – she was always there to go places with me and support me in this new, scary adventure.  Those who have not given birth and raised a child have no idea what a challenging job this is – more challenging than any CEO’s job out there!  Mommies in this age have a great resource in the internet – has loads of groups, you can get on the internet and search people out, chat with people on the other side of the earth.  They surely do not feel as isolated as I did.  When I would go to McDonalds with my mom, I would see other moms with babies and would just want to go up to them and say “Would you be my friend please?  I need a little female conversation”. 

Am I glad that I stayed home and raised my three children – absolutely!  Was it more difficult than I envisioned it to be when it all started out – absolutely times 10.  Mommies are heroes!  Until tomorrow – thanks for reading…

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