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Listen to Your Little Voice

I bet you can’t guess what time of day it is? 9:29 pm – again I have waited until day’s end to pour out my blog post for the day. I had a situation earlier in the evening that gave me my idea. How many times have we heard that little voice inside of ourselves – that nagging feeling that you should double check something or change a decision, and we’ve decided to rely on our memory, or have pushed the doubt out of our mind? I have ignored my little voice a few too many times in my life and it has always ended badly. So why is it so hard to pay attention to our inner voice? I’m not sure – we feel we know better than ‘the voice’? We’re too proud or afraid to ask about something again, thinking it will make us look like a flake or undependable – probably.

We had a little dog, named Cookie, that I had gotten from the pet store. We had him until he was about 6 years old. After we got our kitties, he started getting really bad about lifting the leg around the house. One night I got out the black light and saw just to what extent he had sprinkled around the house. I was furious! I decided to try to find him a new home – with no other animals with a single person to love him dearly. I put an ad in the local newspaper ‘free to good home’. The first lady warned me to never put an ad in for free, because people take animals and use them for bait at dog fights and such. Cookie was a little, short, homely looking Chihuahua/Jack Russell Terrier mix. I told her that I was going to be careful about who I gave him to.

A gal called me one day, excited and telling me she had a little boy and a husband, and she was looking for a little indoor dog to be a companion. She came over promptly, but didn’t bring her little boy or her hubby with her. She gave me some sort of excuse. I told her that Cookie had not been around small children for awhile, so if there were any problems to please bring him back to me – not pass him along to someone else strange. He didn’t always make up to strangers right away. She sat for almost an hour in my home and we chatted. I took down her address and told her I would be checking up on Cookie in a couple of days to see how they were getting along. I had a migraine for a couple of days and was just getting over it when she came. She tried to pick him up, but he recoiled. I picked him up and put him in her car – his little tail was wagging as he looked at me through the glass. And that little voice told me that I should not send him off with her – a pang of guilt I thought. And off he went.

To make a long story short, after a few days of trying to contact her, I decided to go and look for the address, already sure what I would find when I got there. Sure enough, it was a bogus address. I went to the local police department and told the Deputy my story and he immediately knew who she was – didn’t have a child, wasn’t married and the name she gave me was her boyfriend’s last name. She was into drugs and they were over at her house regularly. I thought about my poor Cookie and why she would have possibly wanted him – he surely wasn’t a pure breed worth any money. Then the first ladies’ words started ringing in my head and I started crying. The Deputy said they would go by the house. He said they told him that Cookie had bolted out of the house and they couldn’t catch him the day they brought him home. He had a collar on with an id tag when he left me. I put up signs in the neighborhood and drove through the area for days. I never did find him. I went down to the county dog pound looking for him every day – what a sad place that is. All of those sad, scared eyes staring out at you – you want to bring them all home! So I never did find my Cookie and I find myself tearing up while writing this. But I did find a new friend – Missy. She will never replace Cookie and I will always wonder what became of him – how scared and confused he must have been.

So when your little voice whispers in your ear – LISTEN! It will save you pain in the end on most occasions.

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