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Facebook 101 Tips and Tricks


I have been posting numerous tips and tricks about using Facebook on my alternate blog at  So buzz on over there if you want to learn more about how to navigate around in Facebook and fully utilize it to get the buzz about your biz going!

Facebook Places

Facebook rolled out a new feature called “places” not too long ago. I hadn’t paid much attention to it, because I don’t have internet on my phone. Even if I did, I don’t know if I’d be inclined to take the time to “check in” when I arrive at stops along my way. However, I can see the potential exposure for your business if you have loyal customers who take the time to “check in” when they arrive at your establishment. It goes on your friend’s wall and they see where you’re hanging out. It might be a restaurant they hadn’t heard of yet, or a great secondhand store.

What’s so exciting about having a “place” page you ask? More exposure, of course! You can broadcast on your business page that people can now “check in” when they come for a visit, to help give your business more exposure. You can also add a “deal” to your “places” page. I’ll explain more about that in my next post. When you initially find your “places” page, the profile picture will be a blue teardrop, like the placemarkers on google maps. That will be your clue. Unfortunately, it is another seperate page, so put a post on it’s wall for your fans to keep in touch with your business through your official business page. You are able to merge your “places” page with your business page, but I have not had success in getting that accomplished yet.

I am assisting a Cafe owner, and discovered she had a “place” page the other day. I’m not sure how she acquired it – according to Facebook they are gradually rolling out this feature, so not every business automatically has one. It may have been due to one of her customers ‘checking in’ on their cell phone. We may never know, but it’s there so we’re going to take full advantage of it!
I thought I’d share this short explanation with you, on how to use the feature.

Who can use the Places feature?
At this time, the Places application is available to users in select countries with mobile access to the Facebook application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry v1.9, or Places will be rolled out more broadly and to other mobile devices and the web in the future. Please make sure that you are using the most up-to-date software version for your iPhone, Android, or mobile device or the Places application may not function properly. Alternatively, you can access the Places application through your device’s web browser by following these steps:
• Point your browser to
• Tap the Places tab.
• When you are prompted to share your location, tap “Share Location.”

If you are still experiencing problems, please note that you may not yet be able to use the Places application because it is a new feature that is being gradually rolled out. In the meantime, you can check The Facebook Blog for updates on product launches and other Facebook-related stories.

Here is a link to a comprehensive list of questions and answers related to Facebook “Places”.!/help/?page=1159

I’ll have further explanations about “places” and “deals” in my next post, so stay tuned. Until then…Cindy

Your Attention Please!

I was reading a blog post this morning, passed along and shared by a contact I’m ‘friends’ with, even though I have no idea who she is. Now I’m passing that blog link on to you, so it proves that Twitter and Facebook really do accomplish what we entrepreneurs are looking for when using it, more exposure. As I sat here at 7:15 in the morning, watching a 24/7 cable news program, I began to think about how difficult it is to get people’s attention in our current world. Everyone is on overload – the TV never signs off anymore. Do you remember the days when the local channels played the Star Spangled Banner and signed off at midnight? Seems so long ago doesn’t it. Cable TV, cell phones, the internet, MP3 players and podcasts, meetings, networking. No wonder we’re such distracted human beings. I fear for our children. Facebook can help you get party booking by Jennifer Fong.  So now I realize there is hope in being found on the internet!   Before I saw this post shared on Facebook I had no idea who Jennifer Fong was, and in all likelihood, I may never have discovered her.  I think we all come into this somewhat naiive, thinking that if we put up a website, have a few business cards made, some brochures, and slap a magnet on our cars that people will hunt us down and plead with us to do business with them.  Very soon we find this is not the case.  Where do we go from there?  Many people give up or switch to another ‘franchise’ type business – there are plenty of them out there – Avon, Scentsy, Prepaid Legal, MaryKay and the list goes on and on.  Is the next company going to help you succeed any easier – no, because your personal success lays solely in your lap.  My parents were in Amway for years and years and I remember seeing the sadness on their faces when someone ‘below’ them that they had recruited, bypassed them and achieved higher ranking and success than they did.  But they kept plugging along.  I helped too – I went door-to-door when in high school, selling Amway products because we believed in them.   

What makes you stand out from the crowd?  Continue reading

Ideas and Decisions – Oh My!

I bet you can’t guess what time it is?? 9:22 pm but I had to get my writing done – last night I went to bed before I got my blogging done and woke up in the middle of the night. “Oh no” I thought, “I forgot to do my blog”. Did the sun come up this morning – absolutely. My one friend who has been dedicated and reading my blog posts (bless her!) called me this morning and asked where her reading material was. Oops!

So my first idea came to me after I got a new car with navigation and GPS on it. My mother is in her 80’s and tells me how difficult it is for her to get to the grocery store. So I came up with the idea of a grocery shopping service. I thought that I could launch the new business in her senior complex, and that it would be an easy sell because they would know I was her daughter. Not an unknown stranger. So I put up my website, ordered my business cards, made some flyers and off I went. I was naive – I thought the old theory of “build it and they will come” was going to apply to my brilliant new idea. I did my research – there wasn’t anyone else on the web in the area offering this kind of service. So it was going to be a piece of cake to get customers right? NOT! But I think most of us who decide to ‘go it alone’ and stop being employees, don’t have any idea of what we are facing. I never knew this alternate universe existed – social media, twitter, Facebook,, networking meetings and mixers, and information overload!

Well, the only person I have shopped for, so far, is my Mom. It seems that the older folks who I thought would be hankering for my service, don’t really want to give up that chore. I don’t know if it’s an independence thing, or they’re just really picky about their bananas like my mom! I thought it was a great idea myself, and still have my going on, but it’s not my main focus anymore. I’ll tell you about idea #2 tomorrow so stay tuned. Until then…Cindy

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