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What do you want to be when you grow up?

After quitting my job of 4 1/2 years working at the church and bouncing around between some terrible jobs, I became aware that I had a potentially life altering medical condition. It is the same thing that took my father’s life a few years ago – my cardiologist (who no longer is) had some tests done a couple of years back, this came to that and I was feeling better so I didn’t go back to my follow-up appointment. Two years later I went in again and asked about those tests. He started to read me the report and mentioned the words ‘aortic aneurysm’. I stopped him and said ‘you’re talking about my father right?’ He said ‘no, you have an aneurysm’ and  proceeded to nonchalantly read the rest of the report. I was stunned, then angry. I questioned why he never called me back in and he gave some excuses and told me all we could do now was move forward. Needless to say, I reported him to the Arizona Medical Board for not following up on those tests with me. I went to Mayo Clinic and had testing done again, and it had not grown, but I found out that if it grows another .5 cm, I will be recommended for heart surgery to fix it. No stints will work because of the location. My father had the same problem, but due to his age and health, they could just watch it grow and eventually burst.

I must admit that it took me a few months to grapple with the fact of knowing that I had this condition. I did quite a bit of crying and spending time in solitude. If I can just get my children grown up, out of school and on their path to adulthood, I will be happy. Other than that, I’m trying to live day by day. But then ideas started popping into my head. I like to give credit for my inspirations to God – I do believe that he gave them to me to give me a reason to get back to living.

My first idea was an indoor dog/people exercise park, per se. A fenced off area for dogs to be off leash and a track going around to allow for dogs and owners to exercise. A nominal fee to come in and enjoy exercising your dog without enduring the hot or cold temperatures outside. I could not make this idea go, as it would necessitate capital to start it up. Then I got a new car with navigation – fun toy! So I thought about doing grocery shopping for those who have mobility issues or are too busy. I developed a website for groceryshopping4you and dove into the world of networking, website design, twitter, facebook, blogging (does your head hurt yet?). Who knew this alternate universe existed – I had always been an employee, but I was now tired of poor training and decided to work for myself. I’ll tell you more about how my first idea went tomorrow, because as usual, it’s after 9:00 and my eyes are getting heavy. Until tomorrow…Cindy

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