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I enjoy providing a quick, economical path to helping businesses create a larger internet presence.  I can set you up on social media platforms, blogging, and/or free business listing services on the internet.   More importantly, I make sure you understand how to access what has been set up for you, and how to utilize it.  I also provide coaching and consultations on creating content to post out on social media.  Social media won’t do you any good if you don’t create and post relevant content consistently.  No matter how much you hear people tell you that you need to be everywhere, a good solid strategy developed around what works for YOU and YOUR business is a necessity.  Contact me today to get your business buzzing…Cindy

Facebook 101 Tips and Tricks


I have been posting numerous tips and tricks about using Facebook on my alternate blog at  So buzz on over there if you want to learn more about how to navigate around in Facebook and fully utilize it to get the buzz about your biz going!

Facebook Places

Facebook rolled out a new feature called “places” not too long ago. I hadn’t paid much attention to it, because I don’t have internet on my phone. Even if I did, I don’t know if I’d be inclined to take the time to “check in” when I arrive at stops along my way. However, I can see the potential exposure for your business if you have loyal customers who take the time to “check in” when they arrive at your establishment. It goes on your friend’s wall and they see where you’re hanging out. It might be a restaurant they hadn’t heard of yet, or a great secondhand store.

What’s so exciting about having a “place” page you ask? More exposure, of course! You can broadcast on your business page that people can now “check in” when they come for a visit, to help give your business more exposure. You can also add a “deal” to your “places” page. I’ll explain more about that in my next post. When you initially find your “places” page, the profile picture will be a blue teardrop, like the placemarkers on google maps. That will be your clue. Unfortunately, it is another seperate page, so put a post on it’s wall for your fans to keep in touch with your business through your official business page. You are able to merge your “places” page with your business page, but I have not had success in getting that accomplished yet.

I am assisting a Cafe owner, and discovered she had a “place” page the other day. I’m not sure how she acquired it – according to Facebook they are gradually rolling out this feature, so not every business automatically has one. It may have been due to one of her customers ‘checking in’ on their cell phone. We may never know, but it’s there so we’re going to take full advantage of it!
I thought I’d share this short explanation with you, on how to use the feature.

Who can use the Places feature?
At this time, the Places application is available to users in select countries with mobile access to the Facebook application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry v1.9, or Places will be rolled out more broadly and to other mobile devices and the web in the future. Please make sure that you are using the most up-to-date software version for your iPhone, Android, or mobile device or the Places application may not function properly. Alternatively, you can access the Places application through your device’s web browser by following these steps:
• Point your browser to
• Tap the Places tab.
• When you are prompted to share your location, tap “Share Location.”

If you are still experiencing problems, please note that you may not yet be able to use the Places application because it is a new feature that is being gradually rolled out. In the meantime, you can check The Facebook Blog for updates on product launches and other Facebook-related stories.

Here is a link to a comprehensive list of questions and answers related to Facebook “Places”.!/help/?page=1159

I’ll have further explanations about “places” and “deals” in my next post, so stay tuned. Until then…Cindy

Taming the Paper Pile

When I see the pile of papers growing on my kitchen table, I wish that they would magically disappear.  Have you ever worked with someone who has a sparkling clean desk, clear of clutter?  I have a secret to share with you – it’s not because they’re super efficient, it’s because they just open up a drawer and hide the clutter away.  I caught my boss doing it once!  So instead of putting off the inevitable, just deal with it!  The papers will never go away and something important in that pile that you buried will come back to haunt you eventually.

The papers will come – from school, work, the mail.  It will not stop.  So set out a plan for yourself, that will fit in with your personality that will work best for you.  Are you a procrastinator or do you tackle tasks head on?

Monday Morning Tip:

  1. Designate a place for all of those papers to initially land.   Find something decorative to place them in, if you hate to have them out in the open for all to see.  A pretty wicker basket large enough to hold 11 x 14 size papers perhaps.  Don’t give into the temptation to stash them in a drawer!  I would also discourage  you from using a closed portfolio sorter like the one pictured.  Although it serves the purpose of doing an initial sort and hiding the evidence, it is difficult to get papers in and out of, because of the flap, and it’s also very easy to forget what is in it.  You know the old saying ‘ out of sight, out of mind’.

I will have more tips that I hope you find useful, published daily, so stay tuned!  Our days on this earth are too short to sweat the small stuff.

Do you have a paper pile?

This is the kitchen table isn't it?

We’re all guilty of having a paper pile (or mountain) somewhere near the point of entry into our homes.  Mine is on my kitchen table.  That’s where things in my hand and purse come to a temporary holding place until I have the time to decide where their final destination will be.

Oh, it gets moved when company comes, gets an occasional shuffling through when I’m looking for that certain piece of paper, but usually continues to grow and grow until I don’t have a place to eat at the table!  Why do I continue to do this?  Because it’s easy, of course.

Is there a solution to the problem of too many papers?  No, we will always have papers, receipts, cards and such coming through our hands at an alarming rate, but we can tame that pile.

Every morning, or evening if you’re a night person, make a point to go through the pile and at least make sure that it is sorted into categories (school papers, receipts, things to be filed, things that need action on your part, etc.).  Once it is sorted, then it will be easier to complete the action needed to get it off of your landing spot.

More tips on taming your paper pile coming soon so stay tuned.  Have a great day!

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